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Garr Reynolds Brings Presentation Zen to your Boardroom [INTERVIEW]

This episode’s guest is a global household name for bringing a touch of zen to your presentations.
Garr Reynolds is the Elvis Presley of the presentation world, a popular speaker, and the author of the award-winning and best-selling presentation book, Presentation Zen, which is considered by many to be the bible of stellar presenting.
Garr’s contribution has been a pivotal force in my entire presentation career and philosophy and it was an honor and privilege

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What My Move to Search Discovery Means for Measure

February 29th, 2016. Leap Day has the dubious distinction as a date; it is often associated with either a way to procrastinate on your taxes or annoyed children who happened to be born on this date. For me, Leap Day has historically represented, well, nothing. They’ve...

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