Submit Your Troubled Slide Or Chart for a Present Beyond Measure Makeover!

Lea-Pica_Present-Beyond-Measure-Show-Podcast_300It’s time to give crappy charts and slides the cold shoulder.

Do you have a chart that you just can’t seem to make work? A slide that’s giving you the slip?

Fear not! Submit your troubled slide or graph to the Present Beyond Measure podcast, where I’ll do a video makeover of your work on my “Primp Your Slide” segment!

Submitting to the Show

  • You may submit a file of up to 3 charts or slides.
  • Please leave a detailed message about what you kind of data you are visualizing, who the target audience is, and what you are trying to accomplish with the file.

* First Name:

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Briefly describe the purpose of your slide(s), your main struggle with them and how you'd like to improve them.


I wish to remain anonymous. I realize that by not checking this box my first name may be disclosed publicly.

I agree to the public use of my material. I attest that there is no sensitive information contained in the submitted documents and that all data contained within is either masked or publicly held.

The Fine Print

Please note that by submitting a question, you’re allowing me to share it publicly on the podcast. Please do not send files with confidential or proprietary information. Click here for more details on my Disclaimer¬†page.

Also, note that it isn’t possible for me to get to everyone’s submission; you may not receive a direct response.

Also, if your request is time-sensitive, then please email me directly. Thanks for understanding, and thanks for listening!

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