I'd be honored to help you create an informative and unforgettable event experience for your audience.

Having delivered over 170 presentations to audiences ranging from intimate team meetings to industry conferences of 600+ attendees, Lea Pica is a renowned veteran of the stage. She knows what it’s like to sit through a mind-numbing presentation, so she is committed to bringing an informative, dynamic and upbeat dimension to your event. Her sessions are frequently rated within the top 3, and she is often cited as “charismatic”, “invaluable”, and “memorable”.

Lea’s signature “Get Their Attention” keynote session on effective presentation and data visualization for digital analytics is highly acclaimed. It reached #1 in the eMetrics San Francisco conference and was one of the highest-rated ForeSee (now Answers) Summit sessions of all time.

Highly aware of the challenging role digital marketers and analysts play in having both the technical prowess to uncover actionable insights, and presenting those insights effectively, Lea aims to balance highly useful knowledge with a side of levity.

While she loves to wax philosophical about the journey to presentation enlightenment, her sessions are packed with practical, hands-on tips and techniques your audience can put into effect the moment they leave the session.

Hire me if you're ready to create an actionable event experience that your audience won't forget.