Get my full tool belt for presenting insights that inspire action.

Give me two days, and I’ll give you and your team the practical and strategic tools you need to present data in a way that gets noticed, remembered, and acted upon.


If you’re ready…

to gain a unique edge as an analyst or marketer by presenting your data and insights in a way that gets noticed, remembered and acted upon…

you’re ready for a workshop with Lea.

With her special blend of neuroscience-based storytelling, best practice design and visualization knowledge, and a side of entertaining “tough love”, Lea’s workshops create a memorable and invaluable learning experience for you and your team.

Most requested workshop topics include:

  • Practical, real-world application of digital data storytelling
  • Stellar presentation and data visualization design principles
  • Best practice data visualization approaches for Tableau, Domo, and Google Data Studio
  • Advanced chart tutorials that you won’t find in Excel
  • Preparation techniques for confidence-building and meeting effectiveness
  • Time-saving tricks to get your data presentation out the door in a fraction of the time

Private Workshops

If you’re interested in a learning experience created just for your organization, Lea is ready to serve. Her acclaimed private workshops include:

  • Dedicated & customized content for your organization’s unique needs
  • Live exercises that invite collaboration and learning amongst the participant group
  • Worksheets, cheat sheets, resources guides and reading lists

If you’re ready to maximize the value of your investment in your digital team, please contact her today for a customized solution. Check the schedule below to see if she’s coming to an area near you for a public workshop.

Here’s What They’re Saying:

I was amazed at how simple items that had been in front of me the whole time; white space, embracing silent pauses, PowerPoint fonts, animations, etc. could be leveraged to radically change average reports into outstanding ones. I will carry these learnings with me my entire career!

Lea is a wealth of presentation knowledge and experience. She cuts through the clutter of most presentations and helps smart people craft the best stories.

Lea’s class was extremely relevant and helpful for analysts. It was not your run of the mill presentation class, but focused on how to present data, and keep your audience engaged.

Upcoming Workshops:

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Past Workshops: