How the Digital Analytics Association is Helping Data Practitioners Get Back on their Feet

Present Beyond Measure Ep. 059

The Digital Analytics Association is Here to Help You Make It in 2020


This is the final episode in a three-show detour from my typical data-presentation-visualization-storytelling show theme, but the topic is no less important.

2020 and COVID have proven themselves challenging adversaries to all industries worldwide, no less so than my beloved digital analytics field.

That’s why I invited on my dear friend Marilee Yorchak of the Digital Analytics Association, a professional organization that staunchly supports our beautiful niche in the data world.

Marilee is the executive director of the Digital Analytics Association, a nonprofit professional association with over 5000 members. DAA’s mission is to advance the use of data to understand and improve the digital world through professional development and community, and I’m privileged to be a certified trainer through this network.

She and the DAA are working tirelessly to support digital practitioners, leaders, and companies hit hard with furlough and layoffs this year with a bevy of events, tools, and resources.

In this episode, Marilee shares the Herculean efforts they are undertaking to help the analytics practitioner and leadership community get back on their feet after a most challenging 2020!

In This Episode, You’ll Learn…

  • How COVID has affected the digital analytics industry
  • What the Digital Analytics Association is doing to assist furloughed and job-seeking practitioners
  • Special events the DAA is hosting to help connect candidates to companies and uplevel their competitive skill set
  • The many benefits of an annual DAA membership and current extensions
  • Marilee’s insightful advice to the digital community for staying strong

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