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Practical and Powerful Data Presentation Principles with Dr. Joe Perez

Joe Perez is Here to Help You Make Your Data Come to Life with Powerful and Practical Presentation Techniques

This episode is about marrying the art and science of data presentation principles and how to close the gap between wanting to drive business decisions using data and actually doing so by viewing it as an asset to be invested in rather than a cost to be justified.

Dr. Joe Perez is an educator turned systems analyst turned renowned public speaker in the field of data communication, where he loves to help you bring your data to life. Today, he holds the role of Chief Technology Officer at SolonTek Corporation and he is active in the IT and higher education communities as a much sought-after resource, highly recommended international keynote speaker, data analytics and visualization expert, and a specialist in efficiency and process improvement.

We touch on using data to build bridges rather than silos within your organization, his advice for always selecting the right data visualization tool for the job, and more! It’s rare to find someone who is so passionate about the intersection of everything this show represents, so make sure to join us as we travel the great journey towards data presentation awesomeness!

And in this episode, Joe helps us bridge the gap between the head, the heart, and the hands of data presentation!

In This Episode, You’ll Learn…

  • The three R’s of actionable data: relevance, resonance, and responsibility.
  • How to skillfully combine the art and science of data presentation principles.
  • Ways to close the gap between the desire to drive decisions using data and actually doing it!
  • How to selecting the right data visualization tool for the job.
  • Some essential “E’s” for avoiding what Joe calls the ‘death by PowerPoint’ trap.
  • Resources that Joe cannot live without, from subject matter experts to his team and more!

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