Podcast and Media Appearances

Want to hear more about my story and why I love doing what I do? Check out my other media and podcast appearances below!

And be sure to check out my own podcast, The Present Beyond Measure Show. It’s the only podcast at the intersection of digital analytics, data visualization, and presentation nirvana!


12/15/15    This Moved Me

Lea Pica - Resources - This Moved Me PodcastHostSally Koering Zimney
Episode: 075
Topic: Lea focuses her work on bringing the feel of a TED-talk into non-TED arenas… meetings, reports, pitches, conferences, workshops – about stuff that most people assume will bore us to death.  Her mission is to transform the tendency to “data puke” into a presentation with impact.


11/20/15    Time to Shine Podcast

Lea Pica - Podcast Appearance - Time To Shine in Public SpeakingHost: Oscar Santolalla
Topic:  Lea Pica defines effective data visualization and presentation by illustrating her own data viz readiness approach, the P.I.C.A methodology. She also gives her top principles for impactful data presentation, and her recommended data visualization tools.

11/9/15    The Launching Point

Lea Pica - Podcast Appearance - The Launching PointEpisode: 42
Host: Mike O’Toole
Topic:  Lea Pica shares how she launched her entreprenurial destiny and rediscovered her authentic self despite significant health setbacks.

11/5/15 Innovabuzz Podcast

Lea Pica - Podcast Appearance - InnovabuzzEpisode: 29
Host: Jürgen Strauss of InnovaBiz
Topic:  Lea Pica shares with us the characteristics of a great presentation, the importance of understanding your audience and their objectives, of adequate preparation and making time for important things.

Innovabuzz listeners: Click here to enter to win a complimentary presentation strategy with me!

8/18/15 – The Digital Analytics Power Hour Ep. 017

Episode: 017
Hosts: Tim Wilson, Michael Helbling and Jim Cain
Topic: Data Visualization and Communication with Lea Pica
Description: They say a picture is worth a thousand terabytes of data (probably). If you are a regular listener of the podcast, you will know proper communication isn’t our strongest suit, so we brought in a hitter.

Lea Pica joins us in this episode to talk about communication best practices, and how they are even more important for an analyst than other roles in the organization. Got sixty minutes to listen and learn? We’ll take it, and give you fifteen minutes back.