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Welcome to the only podcast at the intersection of presentation, data visualization, storytelling, and analytics.

The Present Beyond Measure® Show is here to empower data analytics, digital marketing practitioners like you with the tools you need to inspire action and gain recognition through presenting your valuable insights.

Here’s the skinny:

  • I post new episodes about every three weeks, typically on Thursday mornings (EST)
  • There are several formats: some are just me, where I give a firehose of information about a particular data viz or presentation topic. I’ll also have interviews with the most respected analytics, data viz and presentation experts in the field. Last, I’ll be doing video podcasts to “makeover” your own charts and slides to take them to the next level of awesome!
  • To submit a question, slide or chart for the show, please visit my podcast question page.

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Latest Episodes

Mary Owusu and Pierre DeBois on Ending Racism in the Analytics Field and Beyond This episode is not like the rest, but it is a crucially important conversation right now in the aftermath of the George Floyd death and resulting uprising. I decided it was time to use this platform to reveal the hidden bars of the birdcage in the tech field and beyond. So, I invited two highly respected people of co...
Dominick Quartuccio on Tools for Overcoming the Adversity of 2020 For the next few episodes, I’m taking the show off the beaten path of data storytelling to address the greater issues at hand in our society and world as of June 2020. I’ll be bringing on podcast guests who will share tools, resources, and experiences that provide a compass for navigating what is going down in history as one of...
Create Stunning Slides Fast with’s Predictive Presentation Design This marks the first episode where the special guest is the CEO of an online presentation tool! Mitch Grasso is the Founder/CEO of Beautiful.AI — predictive presentation software that will revolutionize how people build beautiful visual communications. His team has created an amazing tool designed to take the p...
How to Survive Delivering Your Online Presentations In this episode, I cover three areas of delivering online presentations that you can master and stay visible and sane in the process. It’s a sample of my flagship online course on presentation delivery. For the complete data presentation rockstar blueprint, enroll in the Data Presentation + Storytelling Boot Camp and start creating the imp...
Why You Must Attend the Women In Analytics Conference in 2020 Rehgan Avon is on a vital mission to put women data and analytics practitioners at the forefront of the tech field and help overcome obstacles along the way. Rehgan is the founder and CEO of the Women in Analytics Conference, an organization and industry event that increases visibility to women making an impact in the analytics space b...


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