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Welcome to the only podcast at the intersection of presentation, data visualization, storytelling, and analytics.

The Present Beyond Measure® Show is here to empower data analytics, digital marketing practitioners like you with the tools you need to inspire action and gain recognition through presenting your valuable insights.

Here’s the skinny:

  • I post new episodes about every three weeks, typically on Thursday mornings (EST)
  • There are several formats: some are just me, where I give a firehose of information about a particular data viz or presentation topic. I’ll also have interviews with the most respected analytics, data viz and presentation experts in the field. Last, I’ll be doing video podcasts to “makeover” your own charts and slides to take them to the next level of awesome!
  • To submit a question, slide or chart for the show, please visit my podcast question page.

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Latest Episodes

Today’s esteemed guest has a 15-year career driving and presenting analytics strategies for major corporations. June Dershewitz is the Director of Digital Analytics at Apollo Education Group, the parent company of University of Phoenix, where she oversees the digital analytics platform for the entire customer lifecycle. Previously, she was a member of the leadership team at Semphonic, a prominen...
For my first solo episode of the year, I’m taking an itty bitty detour from analytics and data viz land and asking you a simple question: What’s your New Year’s Resolution? Between taming my insane calendar, finishing my toddler’s playroom and writing my first eBook, I have several daunting goals to choose from this year. But if I had to pick one thing I absolutely must master this year, i...
Welcome to a brand new year of The Present Beyond Measure Show! Hopefully you enjoyed the 2015 Year in Review Holiday Special. I know I had way too much fun recording it! Now let’s dive into 2016 with our first esteemed guest…. Stéphane Hamel is a renowned industry expert on all things analytics and the creator of the Digital Analytics Maturity Model, a framework used by many organization...
As 2015 comes to close… I use this episode to reflect on the transformative impact this year has had on my career and life. I recount the year in an audio infographic, if you will, and take a trip down memory lane with the best of the 12 days of the podcast. And what better way to recap 12 days of a podcast in the 12th month of the year than with…a certain song that has something to ...
Raise your hand if you’ve heard this before: “Hey, can you throw together a website stats deck by Friday? We have a big leadership meeting on Monday and we need to show them the latest results.” Sure, no problem. Except, it’s now 4pm on Wednesday, and you’re already drowning in other requests. I’m raising my hand because, I’ve totally been there. Sometimes, the deadline is the next d...


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