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Listen to the 5-star rated podcast at the intersection of presentation, data visualization, storytelling, and analytics.

Welcome to the only podcast at the intersection of presentation, data visualization, storytelling, and analytics.

The Present Beyond Measure® Show is here to empower data analytics, digital marketing practitioners like you with the tools you need to inspire action and gain recognition through presenting your valuable insights.

Here’s the skinny:

  • I post new episodes about every three weeks, typically on Thursday mornings (EST)
  • There are several formats: some are just me, where I give a firehose of information about a particular data viz or presentation topic. I’ll also have interviews with the most respected analytics, data viz and presentation experts in the field. Last, I’ll be doing video podcasts to “makeover” your own charts and slides to take them to the next level of awesome!
  • To submit a question, slide or chart for the show, please visit my podcast question page.

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Latest Episodes

This episode’s guests are best known for transforming Google Analytics groupies into insanely skilled measure rock stars. Feras Alhlou and Eric Fettman are the brain trust behind the company E-Nor, and one of my favorite Google Analytics blogs. They focus on providing the knowledge to train savvy audiences, educating lay audiences and the effective use of data within large enterprises. Toget...
This episode’s guests are on a mission to create data-savvy organizations by improving the dialogue between analyst and stakeholder. Zach and Chris Gemignani are the brain trust behind Juice Analytics, a company dedicated to helping organizations learn the language of their data and now very good friends of mine. They are authors of one of my favorite data presentation books called Data Fluency,...
This episode’s guest is on a mission to turn your boring product demonstration into a unique benefits-driven selling experience for technology vendors. Oscar Santolalla of the Time to Shine Podcast is an engineer turned public speaking trainer who happens to excel at teaching service providers how to deliver killer product demos. This is a supremely important service for the digital analytics an...
Today’s guest works harder than anyone I know to create super useful analytics content and resources for our industry. Depth of Knowledge. The Periodic Table of Google Analytics. The Jumpstart Podcast. These are all gifts created by Google Analytics / PPC guru & dear friend Jeff Sauer of Jeffalytics, one of the most authoritative and actionable measure blogs in the space. He also routinely d...
Today’s esteemed guest hardly needs any introduction. But here goes anyway! Rand Fishkin is one of the most revered, most followed and most celebrated figures in the digital marketing world today. He’s made his astoundingly valuable and popular Whiteboard Friday video series a digital household name. He has a knack for turning industry conference audiences into drooling, raving fans (including...


Are you a digital analytics thought leader, data visualization guru, or presentation rockstar? All three? If so, I’d love to feature you on my show! Please contact me to send your information and why you’d like to be a guest.