Let’s work together to make your data story inspire action.

I’ll help you give a strong, clear voice to your web analytics and online marketing story so you can finally get the results you’re looking for from your data visualizations and presentations. Whether you’re a digital marketer looking to make a bigger impact in your organization or CEO of an analytics service trying to book more clients, I can help you put your data visualization and presentation’s best face forward.

Working with Lea Pica is a MUST DO for anyone who is responsible for presenting data or communicating information to a variety of stakeholders. I had an extremely tight deadline that she accommodated with her busy schedule.  Not only did I get incredible insights into the tweaks I needed to make on my slides, but I gained an immense amount of knowledge including tips on how to present, how to communicate a clear message and of course, tips specific to Powerpoint. I can’t wait until I can schedule more time with Lea to understand how she can further develop my presentation skills as well as those in my broader organization. A part of me wants to keep Lea a secret from others so her schedule doesn’t get too full!
Jennifer Yacenda

Director of Digital Analytics, Starwood Hotels

Here are just a few ways we can work together:

I chose to have Lea coach me because she has made a name for herself as a person who is focused on data presentation.  I was not disappointed.  She took some of my “most polished” presentations and marked them all up with a healthy dose of the proverbial red ink.  It was exactly what I was looking for.  She understands data, storytelling, and the requirements needed to make a good presentation.  I was able to tell her what point I was trying to make, and she helped me improve my Powerpoint presentations so that they will be better received by my future audiences.
Yehoshua Coren

Analytics Ninja

Lea came to our ACCELERATE event in Columbus, Ohio and blew my audience away.  We had the CMO of Nationwide Insurance on the stage … we had professional presenters from my own company … we even had Google talking … and the only thing people were raving about after ACCELERATE was Lea Pica!
Eric T. Peterson

Founder & Senior Partner, Analytics Demystified

Who I Work With

I specialize in enabling online marketers and digital web analytics practitioners in level up their data presentation and data visualization skills. My clients have a few things in common:

  • They are passionate, driven digital marketers and web analysts who are ready to learn how to get the attention of their executives and clients with their valuable data insights
  • They are executives of digital analytics service providers who want their sales pitches to go farther with potential prospects
  • They are consultants and practitioners who want to get more buzz and leads from their investment in presenting at industry conferences
  • They have the time, energy and willingness to commit making the changes necessary to grow & excel
  • They are interested in a long-term relationship to nurture their storytelling skills and watch their presentation prowess grow over time

If this sounds like you, great! Choose one of the options above to get started. If you don’t think we’d be a good fit, no worries. You can still sign up for my free newsletter which has tons of free tips, tools and techniques to upgrade your presentation & data viz skills pronto.


Do you have questions? About my offerings in general or how we can work together? Schedule a 20-minute, no-obligation consultation today.  At the end of the consultation, you’ll know whether you’re interested in coaching—and whether I’m the right person for you.