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Banish your stakeholder's boredom through impactful data presentation and storytelling workshops.

Wow your stakeholders and clients by equipping your team with the effective presentation skills, data visualization, and data storytelling skills they need to succeed with the people in charge. 

This is effective data presentation skills training for data practitioners by a data practitioner.

Meet your decision-makers’ needs

Deliver on their desires for data storytelling clarity, simplicity, engagement.

Earn their trust

Become their top strategic advisors or favorite agency and always have a seat at the decision-making table.

Become indispensable

Enjoy greater impact, longer client contract renewals, bigger budgets, lower employee turnover, and recognition for your A-team.

Frustrated Decision-Maker - Lea Pica
Frustrated Decision-Maker - Lea Pica


Do you struggle with:

Presentation Zombification - Lea Pica


That may be because you are managing with a team who:



Let these results speak for themselves.

Happy Decision-Maker

You deserve to manage a team who wins with decision-makers.

Presenting business data stories, ideas, and strategies to stakeholder audiences well requires plugging a multi-disciplinary skills gap. And, you shouldn't be the one plugging it for them.

Leave the training heavy lifting to an experienced professional and recognized subject matter expert who knows how to deliver.


Over the last seven years, my training has served…



After a training workshop with Lea, imagine being able to enjoy:

Successful Data Presentation Skills Training Workshop


A Proven 4-Phase Data Presentation Curriculum​

This curriculum is sequentially designed to cover one cornerstone of the data and business presentation process. Each module is available on it's own as a half-day seminar, as well as in combination for the flagship immersive experience, the Inspiring Insight Boot Camp. 

As a former analyst of 12 years, I understand the unique challenges involved with presenting analytics data to stakeholders. I’ve helped companies from the smallest agency startups to Fortune 500 megabrands extract and deliver massive value to their decision-makers. 

Presentation Skills Training - Planning and Conceptualization

I. Presentation Planning and Content Brainstorming

When you can connect with your audience in a way they understand, and meet their needs, they'll welcome hearing your proposals. You'll gain a robust presentation planning and content creation framework that really works.

Topics covered:

  • Audience needs assessment + interview strategies
  • How to speak to different stakeholder personality types
  • Prevent overwhelming the audience with too much data
  • Fundamental and persuasive storytelling mechanics
  • Crafting effective recommendations that get acted upon
  • A proven influential presentation planning framework
Presentation Slide Design Training

II. Effective Presentation Slide Design and Graphics

By learning to think like a graphic and data designer with clean layout, typography, and imagery techniques, you'll be able to present your information in a clear and compelling way that doesn't visually overwhelm your audience.

Topics covered:

  • Gestalt visual principles
  • Essential design fundamentals
  • Techniques for typeface, and color, emphasis
  • Using imagery and graphics
  • Animation storytelling techniques
Data Visualization and Storytelling Training - Lea Pica

III. Data Visualization and Visual Data Storytelling

My proprietary PICA Protocol Prescription includes the anatomy of a healthy data visualization, choosing the right charts, sequencing data stories over multiple slides, and avoiding the most common data visualization violations.

Topics covered:

  • Lea's signature 4-step data storytelling methodology
  • The proprietary Chart Detox Formula
  • The most common data visualization violations
  • Creative animation techniques for complex charts
  • Choosing the right chart for your data
  • Individual and group practice exercises
Business Presentation Speaking Skills

IV. Presentation Delivery + Communication Skills

The most compelling data can be lost if the delivery falls flat. Your team will learn essential preparation practices, speech refinement, nerve management techniques, and scripts for navigating challenging audience questions.

Topics covered:

  • Professional preparation and rehearsal strategies
  • Managing presentation nerves and anxiety
  • Confidence practices list positive mindsets and mantras
  • Navigating challenging audience questions
  • Efficiently creating post-presentation handouts


Meet your expert instructor.

Lea Pica is a data analyst turned Data Storytelling Advocate and industry-recognized international speaker who teaches how to present data and inspire action to thousands of data and marketing practitioners worldwide.

Her mission is to transform data-meeting snoozefests into vehicles for change by synthesizing the power of neuroscience, cinematic storytelling, human emotion, and effective communication.

Lea is a seasoned data analytics practitioner and digital marketer with over 13 years of experience building digital marketing and analytics practices for agencies, retailers, publishers, and Fortune 500 brands. She hosts the industry-acclaimed Present Beyond Measure Show podcast and the author of the newly released book Present Beyond Measure.

She has engaged in over a decade of deep self-study and application of Gestalt principles and the works of Garr Reynolds, Nancy Duarte, Stephen Few, Edward Tufte.

She is a frequent headliner at global live and virtual conferences such as Digital Summit, Data Camp, MeasureSummit, CXL Live, DigiMarCon, Marketing Analytics Summit, Virtual Analytics Summit, Digital Analytics Hub, DAA Symposia, and Web Analytics Wednesday.


Let my satisfied clients' results become yours.


I’ll deliver the presentation and visualization training your team needs exactly how and where they need it to win with your clients.

Live Presentation Workshop Training - Lea Pica

Data Presentation Keynotes and Seminars

Perfect if you need a data presentation boost with a compelling and engaging speaker for your next company summit or team offsite!

Lea Pica Web Analytics Wednesday Workshop

Live and Virtual Team Workshops

Immersive and engaging deep dives into the mechanics of business presentation and visual storytelling. These sessions walk their talk!

Lea Pica Custom Data Presentation Consulting

Custom Makeovers + Consultation

Get laser-targeted appraisals of your company’s data visualizations and presentations for maximum impact.

Lea Pica Workshops
Lea Pica Workshops


Every data presentation workshop includes:

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*Please note: I do not serve companies in the tobacco, gambling, or adult entertainment industries.

DUE OUT September 26th!

Pre-Order Present Beyond Measure

A comprehensive approach to design, visualize, and deliver data stories and business presentations that inspire action!

Present Beyond Measure Data Presentation Book - Lea Pica

Pre-Order Present Beyond Measure

DUE OUT September 26th!

A comprehensive approach to design, visualize, and deliver data stories and business presentations that inspire action!

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