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Activate Results with the Best Business Dashboards with Steen Rasmussen

Steen Rasmussen is Here to Help You Create the Best Best Dashboards for Your Business

Steen Rasmussen is the data and digital analytics evangelist and Senior Partner at IIH Nordic. Steen is passionate about the idea of data activation, and in the episode, we get some insider

perspective from him about how you can use this concept in your data dashboards!

He explains where we are currently at in the world of data, and how machine learning is empowering data in new ways, while also increasing the need for data accuracy. Our guest is an international keynote speaker, having appeared at events across the world on digital analytics, data activation and visualization.

As you will hear in our conversation, Steen has a real passion for making the most of data's potential and avoiding the vagueness that can be associated with dashboards and the role of data professionals. So to hear about strengthening the utility of your data, and your value as a data expert!

In This Episode, You’ll Learn…

  • The point of digital strategy: to support the overall strategy!
  • The analogy about a car and Steen’s wife that illustrates something important about data.
  • Shifts in the world of data; how ML and AI are beginning to enable autonomous data.
  • Why typical demographic-based customer personas are outdated.
  • The best place in your data to hide a “dead body”.
  • The prediction engine that Steen finds more useful than basic demographic information.
  • How to remove excess and noise to communicate more impactful data.
  • A message for data practitioners around getting back to basics with a business.

People, Blogs, and Resources Mentioned

  • BigQuery
  • My free 30-second online assessment to find out and overcome the #1 silent killer of your data presentation success

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