Present Beyond Measure Ep. 023

This episode’s guest is best known for making data storytelling more than a flashy catch phrase in organizations across the country.

Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic has always had a penchant for turning data into pictures and stories. She’s honed her data visualization skills over the past decade through analytical roles in banking, private equity, and most recently at Google, where she developed and taught a course on communicating effectively with data.

I first discovered her as a teacher during the TechChange Data Visualization Course with Ann K. Emery, and was instantly hooked on her balanced, pragmatic, yet not dogmatic approach to practical data storytelling.

Today she helps organizations become more effective recently published amazon category bestseller through her blog, Storytelling with Data, and her acclaimed workshops. She recently published a wildly popular data visualization book, an Amazon category best seller, Storytelling with Data.

And in this episode, Cole dishes her top tips and insights into data visualization and practical applications on how to communicate effectively with data.

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn…

  • Why adding techniques such as the power of repetition and a combination of plot, twist and ending are powerful aspects that can be used to tell stories with data. Stories are memorable – data is not!
  • The importance of using ‘action words’ in meeting invites, presentation titles and slides which drives towards action and set expectations for the audience
  • How the strategic use of color in presentations can be one of the most powerful tools for drawing audience’s attention – and which colors to avoid
  • Why the message is more important than the type of graph used in a presentation
  • Creative and intentional ways to walk audiences through your specific data message

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Special thanks to Cole for joining me this week. And as always, viz responsibly, my friends.

What’s your greatest struggle telling your story through data?


Lea is a digital analyst and marketer turned Data Storytelling Advocate. She trains thousands of digital practitioners and consultants in the art and science of impactful data presentation through live workshops, speaking engagements, online courses, her blog and five-star rated podcast, The Present Beyond Measure Show. Lea is also the creator of The PICA Protocol™, her practical prescription for healthy, actionable data stories that inform decisions, spark ideas, inspire action, and make YOU indispensable.