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Garr Reynolds Brings Presentation Zen to your Boardroom [INTERVIEW]


This episode's guest is a global household name for bringing a touch of zen to your presentations.

Garr Reynolds is the Elvis Presley of the presentation world, a popular speaker, and the author of the award-winning and best-selling presentation book, Presentation Zen, which is considered by many to be the bible of stellar presenting.

Garr’s contribution has been a pivotal force in my entire presentation career and philosophy and it was an honor and privilege to interview him.

Garr is the expert in teaching that there is a better way to reach your audience through simplicity and storytelling, and provides the tools to confidently design and deliver successful presentations.

And in this episode, Garr hashes it out with me on how to take a dry presentation and reinvigorate the material in totally fresh ways that will make it memorable and resonate with the audience.

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn…

  • How to combine solid principles of design with the tenets of Zen simplicity for more effective presentations that will be appreciated, remembered, and best of all, acted upon.
  • The three principles of Presentation Zen which are Restraint, Simplicity, and Naturalness and how they relate to Japanese tenets of design.
  • How to be a change agent in corporate culture to remove extraneous clutter on slides like logos, watermarks, and textured backgrounds while respecting branding guidelines
  • Why removing non-essential information from our stories allows the message to shine through in a real way

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Upgrade Tip of the Day:

  • Go analog using Post-It notes during presentation brainstorming to capture single ideas. Those single ideas can then translate to simple, uncluttered slides.

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A very, very special thanks to Garr for joining me this week. And as always, viz responsibly, my friends.

What’s your greatest example of presentation storytelling?

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