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How to Avoid Analysis Paralysis and Take Action on Insights with Khrystyna Grynko

Stop Analysis Paralysis in its tracks with Khrystyna Grynko

As a data practitioner, it can sometimes be difficult to know when to have a little less analyzing conversation and a little more action, please.. Khrystyna Grynko shares some of the classic symptoms of analysis paralysis, why it’s important for organizations and practitioners to recognize when they are suffering from it, and how to overcome it using her analysis action logic formula.

Khrystyna is the Head of Data at Better & Stronger Agency and a guest lecturer at the Jean Moulin University Lyon and Emlyon Business School who has been helping her clients use data better (and stronger) since 2015.

With more than nine years of experience in digital marketing and analytics, Khrystyna is not only extremely knowledgeable but deeply passionate about what she does!

In This Episode, You’ll Learn…

  • How to help organizations re-prioritize by using two specific metrics based on their goals.
  • Tips to overcome what Lea calls ‘FYI culture’ and align the numbers with business objectives.
  • Analysis action logic: the point at which your analysis is sufficient and you should take action.
  • The benefits of methodically selecting which KPIs to analyze.
  • Khrystyna's and Lea's perspectives on dashboards versus data storytelling.
  • What makes MeasureCamp and other non-traditional events or ‘unconferences' special.
  • The Upgrade: Khrystyna shares her favorite tools and resources, including the book, Essentialism.
  • Khrystyna’s advice for first-time presenters: be confident enough to insist on your recommendations.

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