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Randy Krum on Why Most Charts Suck and More Deadly Data Viz Sins

Randy Krum is Here to Help You Improve Your Charts and Avoid The Worst Sins of Data Viz

This episode is about the simple lessons and philosophy that you can follow to improve your data visualizations and presentations.

Randy Krum is a data visualization designer, author of the book, Cool Infographics: Effective Communication with Data Visualization and

Design, Founder and President of InfoNewt (a data visualization design firm), Organizer of both the Dallas-Fort Worth and Austin Data Visualization Meetup groups, Coordinator of the Global DataViz Meetup Events, Developer and Instructor of the Data Visualization & Storytelling Certificate program at Southern Methodist University (SMU), and runs the popular website

Randy dishes about the tyranny of the default, the differences between data visualizations for discovery and communication, and why we shouldn't always use colors on everything! Randy also talks about building on templates, the problems with numbers, and the scale of visual perception.

To finish off, we get some insight into Randy’s three keys of good data viz; making your charts understandable, memorable, and actionable!

And in this episode, Randy shares all his wisdom regarding making better charts and how to pick the right kind of chart for what you are trying to accomplish!

In This Episode, You’ll Learn…

  • The real job of a data visualization designer.
  • Why most charts suck!
  • The value and power of data story arcs.
  • Randy’s three keys to good data viz!
  • The difference between Data Visualizations and Infographics.
  • About the free resources that are available on the Cool Infographics site.

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