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On the Road Again: My Solo Business Reboot for 2018

February 28th, 2018.

A simple date declaration was exactly how I kicked off a similar blog post exactly two years ago. As I am writing this, I realized that exactly 2 years ago I accepted an offer to join what I believe to be one of the greatest digital agencies in existence today, Search Discovery.

And just as I did two years ago, I am announcing today:

As of March 3rd, 2018, I am heading off into the wild blue entrepreneurial yonder and rebooting my solo training, speaking, consulting, blogging, and podcasting business right here at

I’m calling it “Lea Pica 2.0”. Because, the web.

Why in the world would I leave such an amazing organization?

First, it helps to understand why I joined them. Starting my own practice was super fun, like a hobby I was getting paid for. But, I’ll admit, I learned pretty quickly that creating a business from scratch wasn’t like the paint-by-numbers kits I did as an aspiring child Bob Ross. Search Discovery allowed me to gain better stability and work with incredibly talented practitioners and hone my craft.

I wish to express deep, infinite gratitude for the experience of working for Search Discovery. There is a nary a harder-working, expertise-laden, and deliciously zany agency family out there.

What this company does to create a sense of camaraderie and create a consistent culture is awe-inspiring. I consider it a privilege to have worked for them for so long and I recommend it to any digital practitioner.

While there, I had the distinction of training their analytics and BI teams in my proprietary P.I.C.A. Protocol™ data visualization methodology, learned three new data viz platforms, delivered numerous workshops and got to serve thousands of practitioners like yourself.

But, a voice on the wind whispered to me that it was finally time to move on. And now, I want to go even BIGGER. I’m ready to turn this cute, paid hobby into a real, thriving business that serves you.

Here are just some of the awesome projects I’m plotting for you:

  • A guest post AND data visualization Whiteboard Friday with Moz, ermagerd!!
  • A workshop at Marketing Evolution Experience and the keynote during its Women in Analytics luncheon
  • A session at the 2018 ForeSee Summit (the event where my mission was born!)
  • A keynote appearance and workshop at the Digital Analytics Hub
  • More amazing Present Beyond Measure podcast guests like Benjamin Mangold and Simo Ahava
  • Virtual workshop classes
  • A public workshop tour
  • Online mini-courses
  • New blog posts on platforms like Google Data studio and Power BI
  • A dedicated Facebook community and a souped-up YouTube channel with videos on data viz and presentations resources and best practices

Yep…looks like I’ll be pretty busy in the coming months, which is a good thing. But, if you’re interested in taking your presentation and data viz skills to a whole new level through training workshops and private consulting, contact me for a discovery call.

In particular, I want to make sure you’re aware of my Inspired Insights Data Storytelling Boot Camp, and it’s my soup-to-nuts tool belt for delivering ideas and insights in a way that engages, excites, and inspires action.

Here’s what you can expect to receive with every custom-tailored workshop:

  • A comprehensive, neuroscience-based framework for presentation planning, design, and delivery techniques that will make you and your data story stand out
  • A deep dive into my proprietary P.I.C.A. Protocol™ data visualization methodology for creating crystal clear visual insights
  • Dedicated & customized content for your organization’s unique needs
  • Live exercises that invite collaboration and learning amongst the participants
  • Valuable worksheets, cheat sheets, checklists, resources guides and reading lists

And in honor of my reboot, I’m including a complimentary Individual Laser Coaching session (a $2500 value) for every student enrolled in your workshop if you mention the code “REBOOT”. That’s for free, people.

Here is just a sampling of praise for the boot camp:

“I learned presentation skills I wished I knew at the beginning of my career.”

“Lea is a wealth of presentation knowledge and experience. She cuts through the clutter of most presentations and helps smart people craft the best stories.”

“I would recommend it as a must for anyone presenting data, insights, and interested in better presentations in general.”

So, ready to do this thing with me?  If so, I highly suggest contacting me today to schedule a discovery call. My schedule books months in advance!

There’s one more thing I’d like to add. This year, I’ve been inspired by some of my more spiritual experiences in the last few years and asked myself how I can create a conscious business that gives back. So, starting this month, I will be pledging 1% of all of my proceeds to the Women in Transition foundation of Philadelphia.

WiT is an exceptional organization with a powerful mission: to empower women to attain safety, equality, and justice, and build independent and self-sustaining lives for themselves and their children. I highly recommend considering them for your next charitable donation!

Final Thoughts

In retrospect, it’s most fitting that I’m taking my 2.0 leap exactly 2 years post-leap. I kinda like full circle things. Except for pie charts.

To everyone who has supported me at Search Discovery and the greater measure community, I honor you and am forever grateful to you.

Buckle up, this is going to be fun.



P.S. – Are you convinced, but your boss isn’t? Check out my handy “How To Convince Your Boss” letter template. Simply save a copy and customize it with your unique message. Let me help you show the value of what we can do together.

Photo credit: Bruno Bergher

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