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The Women in Analytics Podcast Spotlight

Meet My Women in Analytics Podcast Spotlight

The Women in Analytics movement is becoming an unstoppable industry force. From the Women in Analytics Conference to the Digital Analytics Association WiA Community, female analytics practitioners are finally stepping into their power to support and uplift each other on their professional path.

I've had some amazing female guests on my podcast, The Present Beyond Measure Show. Starting in 2018, I made a commitment to work harder to feature a more balanced blend of guests on the show. 

Below is a roundup of all of my Women in Analytics data presentation rockstar guests to date. They've dropped infinite pearls of wisdom, and I'm thrilled to share them with you!

Ep. 050: Nancy Duarte

CEO of Duarte, Inc.

Nancy Duarte is the founder of Duarte, Inc., a global leader behind some of the most influential visual messages in business and culture. It is the largest design firm in Silicon Valley and also the fifth largest female employer in the area.

Nancy is a communication expert and as a persuasion specialist, and she has she cracked the code for effectively incorporating story into business communications.

In this episode,  Nancy shares amazing and actionable tips and tricks for storytelling in data, reaching stakeholders and communicating effectively with the executive suite.

Ep. 061: Christina Stathopolous

Analytical Consultant @ Google

Christina Stathopoulos is an Analytical Consultant at Google who uses data and visualization to help her clients drive decisions about marketing, expansion, and more. She holds adjunct faculty positions at two top universities in Madrid, where she teaches analytics courses for MBA programs.

Alongside her corporate and academic work, Christina is a wildly popular speaker supporting women in STEM and emerging technologies. She is also a staunch proponent for helping notable women in tech take their rightful place as esteemed industry speakers, a mission I’m obviously 100% in support of!

Ep. 009: Krista Seiden

Google Analytics Advocate

Krista Seiden is the Analytics Advocate for Google where she is responsible for educating and advocating for digital analytics and optimization best practices as well as running the GA Premium training program. Her work is influencing millions of people all over the world.

Kristen co-chairs the San Francisco chapter of the Digital Analytics Association (DAA) and a sought-after mentor for the Analysis Exchange.

Ep. 040: Kristen Sosulski

Author of Data Visualization Made Simple

Kristen Sosulski is an associate professor and Director of the Learning Science Lab at NYU Stern School of Business, but she is also the author of three books, her most recent one called Data Visualization Made Simple.

As a professor, Kristen teaches MBA students and executives data visualization, programming and business analytics. As Director, she develops immersive online learning environments for business school education.

In her interview, Kristen shares valuable insights about data visualization software, including a break down of the criteria to consider which data visualization tools and which charts work best for different business scenarios.  

Ep. 038: Moe Kiss

Digital Analytics Power Hour Co-Host | The ICONIC

Moe Kiss leads the analytics team at The Iconic where she spends her days understanding customer behavior through data and analytics. She is an active organizer in the analytics community and President of The Analytics Association in New South Wales, Australia.

She co-hosts a bi-weekly podcast you may know called The Digital Analytics Power Hour on All Things Analytics. She is a strong advocate for gender and cultural diversity, organizational mentoring, and networking.

In this episode, Moe takes us on her thought leadership journey from stage fright to successful presenting.

Ep. 023: Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic

Author of Storytelling with Data

Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic helps organizations become more effective recently published Amazon category bestseller through her blog, Storytelling with Data, and her acclaimed workshops. She recently published a wildly popular data visualization book, an Amazon category best seller, Storytelling with Data.

And in this episode, Cole dishes her top tips and insights into data visualization and practical applications on how to communicate effectively with data.

Ep. 060: Anna Shutko

Product Marketing Manager @ SuperMetrics

Anna Shutko is the Product Marketing Manager at Supermetrics, a technology tool that picks up all the marketing data you need and brings it to your favorite reporting, analytics, or storage platform using “connectors”.

Anna helped launch the company’s top products, such as Supermetrics for Google Data Studio, Supermetrics for Excel and Supermetrics for BigQuery.

And, she is the host of the new Marketing Analytics Show, a podcast helping marketers get better at marketing analytics, where she shares all the how-tos & actionable advice from top marketers (psst, including yours truly!)

Ep. 058: Mary Owusu

Executive Board Direction, Digital Analytics Association

Mary Owusu is an award-winning digital marketing executive, entrepreneur and educator. As an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Canisius College in Buffalo New York, she infuses critical-thinking discussions about diversity and inclusion into her digital marketing and analytics courses.

Mary is also an executive director on the Digital Analytics Association (DAA) board, where she’s currently co-chairing the DAA’s anti-racism committee. In this special episode, Mary shares her experiences with white privilege and microaggressions in the professional field in light of the George Floyd uprising.

Ep. 045: Valerie Kroll

Director of Optimization, Search Discovery

Valerie Kroll is a growing powerhouse in the measure and presenting community and in this show, she brings insight from a very specific and mystical arena of digital marketing, one I have been waiting for years to tackle on this show.

Valerie is passionate about data and she leverages her enthusiasm to help stakeholders make smarter decisions and mitigate the risks that come with digital experimentation and optimization.

Ep. 015: June Dershewitz

Director of Analytics, Twitch

June Dershewitz is the Director of Analytics at Twitch, where she oversees the digital analytics platform for the entire customer lifecycle. Previously, she was a member of the leadership team at Semphonic, a prominent analytics consultancy (now part of Ernst & Young).

As a long-standing advocate of the analytics community, she’s created Expansive thought leadership in Analytics. She maintains a board seat on the Digital Analytics Association, and has given countless talks with eMetrics, Analytics Demystified, and many other groups.

Ep. 034: Allison Hartsoe

Customer Centricity, Ambition Data

Allison Hartsoe is a celebrated speaker in the digital analytics industry, the first guest of my Women in Analytics Spotlight Series.

Allison is a highly successful serial entrepreneur who has founded three companies. Her current firm, Ambition Data, creates strong marketing ROI through customer centricity. She uses her understanding of the value of each and every customer to help companies build customer equity naturally.

In this episode, Allison shares her unique talent for navigating the intersection between presenting data, storytelling, and connecting with her audiences.

I can't wait for you to listen to these ladies' infinite fountain of wisdom. And, there's many more on the way!

For even more inspiration, Google Analytics has compiled a comprehensive and curated Women in Analytics Twitter list.

Who would you like to see in a guest spot on the Women in Analytics Spotlight?

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